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Do The HUMAN stuff. Automate everything else.

Do The Human stuff.

Automate everything else.

People are not robots

For this simple reason we don’t think they should be doing robot stuff. Our automation solutions help your employees offload the mundane routine tasks. Let them focus on what they really excel in: creativity, problem solving and human to human interaction.

Take Automation in the Office to the Next Level

Skaler offloads the mundane routine tasks that keep your employees’ hands tied, allowing them to focus on what grows the business.

More time to focus on what matters. Increased motivation and improved work ethic. Improved process quality and operational reliability. Cost savings.

Skaler helps prolong the lifespans of your IT systems by expanding their functionalities and integrating them in new ways.

When conventional development is not an option. Serve business needs in an agile and cost-efficient manner. Improved ROI for information systems.

Skaler enables new types of digital services and operating models with automation solutions.

Scale capabilities and build smarter workflows that add value to your operations. Transform pain points in processes into competitive advantages with automation.


Automate with Impact

Most organizations have taken first steps on their automation journey. But does your organization have what it takes to transition from automating simple tasks to impactful automation that drives results? Download our whitepaper to get insight on the subject.



Discovery & Strategy

Process Discovery

Identifying and analyzing new automation opportunities.


Crafting the vision and automation strategy. Connecting automation initiatives to business strategy.



Building automations

Leading RPA technologies, open source RPA and a comprehensive intelligent automation toolbox.

Agile methods

Harnessing the best-suited agile development methods to reach desired outcomes.



Scalable platform

Cloud-based infrastructure for operating robots and automations.

Human & machine

Customizable orchestration systems for smarter workflows.


Lifecycle Management

Continuity & reliability

Full support & maintenance service. Process lifecycle management. SLA for each automated process.

Dive deeper

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a collection of technologies that enable automating routine information processing tasks across different IT systems, interfaces and applications.

Benefits of RPA include:

  • Automating routine tasks without large investments
  • Creating new capabilities by integrating existing solutions in new ways
  • Enabling people to focus on more meaningful work
  • Improving productivity and work quality by reducing human errors

Open source automation solutions are transforming the automation game. We master the methods and technology stack.

  • License-free solutions offer unrivalled cost-efficiency without vendor lock-in
  • Limitless extensibility and native machine learning and AI integration
  • Business needs define how long a process takes, digital workers are scaled on-demand without license or resource constraints

Skaler provides automation solutions as a fully maintained service. You focus on the core business and its processes. We provide the best tools and latest know-how to build and operate the solutions. Together we create value.

  • No large up-front investments
  • Transparent on-demand pricing - pay only for what you use
  • Service Level Agreements for every digital worker
  • Agility and best practices built-in to the operating model
  • Full life-cycle management

Intelligent Automation combines a DevOps and Continuous Integration approach to building automation solutions and a comprehensive toolbox to manage, automate and integrate digital processes on a wider scale.

  • Robotic Process Automation for routine tasks
  • API integrations and interface development
  • Artificial Intelligence components (ML, OCR, NLP, NLG) or intelligence as microservices
  • Smart orchestration and cognitive agents that integrate workflows and tasks performed by humans and machine
  • Optimized data usage and advanced analytics





Scale up human capabilities.
Scale up digital workforce.
Scale up business potential.

Shared Success

We’ve helped organizations automate knowledge work processes and harness automation as an enabler for new opportunities across industries and functions. Let’s take the next steps on your automation journey, together.


Join Us

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Take Your Next Step

No great organisation comes from just one person. It takes a team of brilliance, as well as a brilliant team. Build a thriving career through solving complex, real-world problems that expand human possibility.

We are currently looking for Software Robot Developers and other Automation experts to join our team.

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