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Automation and Digitalisation - SKALER & SIILI
Never has there been a time with more potential to create change in our world. Siili helps its clients think big and bold, but with both feet firmly planted in reality — so when we do set out to change something together, we actually change something.

Siili Solutions Plc


Siili Solutions Plc is your partner for digital transformation. From visions to stand-out strategies, from data to clear insights, from ideas to real-world innovations that matter. Siili helps you find what’s essential. And then build it.  

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Automation as a part of our holistic service offering

Today, automation plays a multifaceted role in driving digital transformation forward. Automation: 


  1. Is at the very core of new digital services and personalized digital experiences  
  2. Is key to digital operations, agile development and quality assurance
  3. Provides a tool for developing scalable and resilient business processes 
SKALER is Siili group’s automation powerhouse

We are your go-to partner for intelligent business process automation. We provide the tools and capabilities that enable automating any business process, at any scale, across any IT system landscape.