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Hyperautomation Services
Our Hyperautomation service portfolio covers the whole spectrum of services needed to intelligently automate your business processes. From crafting a strategy-aligned automation program, to cloud-based operation and lifecycle management, we support creating impactful automation solutions.

Whether your Centre of Excellence needs assistance with current automation platforms, you need to build or outsource these capabilities, or find the right tools and know-how for specific use cases, our consultants and automation experts have got you covered. Our agile approach adapts to existing operational models and introduces vetted best practices to support the development of automation capabilities in your organization.  

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SKALER Hyperautomation toolkit
SKALER Hyperautomation-toolkit
Tools and technologies

We are open source advocates. We are technology agnostics. Thus, we are benefits driven, not technology driven. However, here are some of our most used technologies.  




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Automation program formation

How are you measuring the impact of your business process automation activities? Do you have an optimized governance model and best practices? Are you leveraging the best automation platforms for your automation needs? 

We support building an impactful Automation Program that delivers real business benefits. Our Automation Program Framework enables building a strategy-aligned approach from scratch, or it can be used to refine and enhance your current initiatives.  

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Hyperautomation toolkit