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focus on people. automate everything else.
SKALER is a place where I can truly learn and develop myself. In many ways SKALER is the best of both worlds, meaning, small and large companies.

Let's scale your knowledge together


As a professional services organization, we are defined by the capabilities of our experts. Our ability to create value for our clients and build resilient, future-proof automation solutions is based on the use of cutting-edge automation technologies and the extensive know-how of our automation experts. And they’re pretty good at what they do.   

As an expert at SKALER, it’s not about your current competence, it’s about how we can develop and scale it, together.  Which is why constant learning and professional competence development are truly important values.  

If you’re interested in working at the very forefront of intelligent automation with the very latest automation technologies, and scaling up your own expertise, look no further.  

Open positions

SKALER is growing fast and we are constantly looking for new colleagues to join the team. Do you feel like you should be one of us, are you the missing piece? 


Our Culture

We operate in a rapidly evolving ecosystem that involves constant change. In order to navigate this change effectively, our culture, skillset, tools and people also need to evolve. We grow and succeed together; we make mistakes and learn together.

Every day we’re better than we were yesterday, as individuals and as an organization. Together we scale up our knowledge base and help our clients scale up their capabilities and operations with the finest automation solutions out there. 

"I enjoy working at SKALER because the work challenges me to come up with new solutions and new techniques every day. Also, my colleagues are extremely skilled at what they do and I learn new things every day. Most importantly, the projects feel meaningful and it feels like I actually make a difference with my work."

Joakim Calais
Cloud Architect

"Flexible and versatile are adjectives that come to my mind right away. The tasks are versatile and there’s a lot of opportunities to learn new things. I can work independently but also receive support whenever I need it."

Juho Shultz
RPA Developer

"I think the people at SKALER is definitely the best part. Oh, and you also get to be a part of a lot of varied projects and customers from different market spectrums, and you get to learn a lot about different interesting technologies relating to automation. And lastly, I like the flexibility of arranging my own work"

Ville Heinilä
Delivery Lead

"My favourite things at SKALER are the following. I can genuinely affect my own projects. There’s always support available when needed. Low hierarchy, I feel I can ask anything from anyone."

Joel Vepsäläinen
RPA Developer

"One of the best things about working at SKALER? The meaningful projects that you get to work on with top notch co-workers."

Aki Hokkanen
RPA Developer

Our story


With close to a decade of experience, in 2020 it was time to form a new business unit from SIILI’s automation powerhouse. This new unit, called SKALER, has the benefits of a small and large organisation, and at the same time offers you the best of both worlds.  

We were able to start with a clean slate so first we asked our people: “What should be in the core of SKALER’s employer value proposition?” 

Three topics rose above others: learning & expertise, colleagues and flexibility. 

For these three building blocks we have founded our company culture and we promise to deliver on these.  

Check our open positions and apply here


SKALER’s core values are responsibility and honesty. Whatever we say, we guarantee it’s legit – no empty jargon, and that’s a promise. We deliver the “best of both worlds” by building on three cornerstones.   

01/    Learning and expertise


SKALER embraces a startup-like culture where sharing knowledge and learning from each other is at the very core of operations. As a member of the Siili family, we have a range of avenues for professional skill development and learning through e.g., Siili Academy, our extensive training platform, and renowned events such as CraftCon.

The most important avenue for professional development, however, is the extensive opportunities to work on automation projects with a range of interesting clients across industries. Added to that we harness a comprehensive automation toolkit to deliver sustainable solutions, resulting in array of opportunities to work with a variety of technologies. 

02/    Trusted colleagues


Learning means sharing. We embrace teaching each other new skills, learning from colleagues and helping peers succeed – every single day. We value our colleagues’ expertise, and trust them to deliver. The broader Siili family provides an extensive community of over 1000 hardcore technology professionals to share ideas with, learn from and most importantly have fun. 

03/    Flexibility & agility

Our startup-like culture provides all the flexibility you need to structure and manage your own work in a model that suits your situation best. When you need support Siili's established working models and community are there for you.