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focus on impact. automate everything else.
SKALER is your go-to partner for intelligent automation. We’re a unique combination of a consultancy and technology powerhouse, with the expertise to deliver automation solutions that truly impact your operations.
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Part of Siili Group


SKALER is part of Siili Solutions Plc. With the support of a professional community of over 1000 experts, whose know-how spans across automation, data science, AI and DX, we have the agility of a start-up with the muscle of a listed company with international operations spanning across 14 geographical locations. 

We do much more than just automate processes. Our palette of expertise helps you map customer journeys and interactions across different IT systems, and use automation to solve pain points. We help design and build modern digital services and user experiences, driven by automation.  


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Hyperautomation Toolkit

SKALER Hyperautomation toolkit

Our culture

We operate in a rapidly evolving ecosystem that involves constant change. In order to navigate this change effectively, our culture, skillset, tools and people also need to evolve. We grow and succeed together; we make mistakes and learn together.

Every day we’re better than we were yesterday, as individuals and as an organization. Together we scale up our knowledge base and help our clients scale up their capabilities and operations with the finest automation solutions out there. 

Selected Clients


We’ve helped organizations automate knowledge work processes and harness automation as an enabler for new opportunities across industries and functions. Let’s take the next steps on your automation journey, together.

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Our mission

Our mission is to enable more meaningful work through automation. To let people focus on what they really excel in: creativity, problem solving and human-to-human interaction.  

We will automate the rest.  

We are accelerating digital transformation by enabling new types of workflows and digital services with software automation. 

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