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Don’t just automate, automate impactfully.

What is impactful automation and how does it work?

At SKALER we define impact as; beating the data baseline on an indicator or a performance metric that answers “are our customers/clients actually better off as a result of our efforts?”
Impactful Automation is therefore based on measurable business impact. It’s not merely about saving money or saving time. The business impact is usually the starting point of the whole automation project and the first thing we ask is what kind of business impact we want to achieve.


Business benefits from impactful automation?

Metaphorically one could say that task-based RPA focuses on handling something negative that exists already (like doing something that no human should do), whereas impactful automation is trying to make a positive impact by enhancing something that already exists e.g., customer satisfaction.

What can you solve with impactful automation

For example, think about your purchase to deliver process with the following mindset: How could you enable 20 % faster throughput time compared to anyone in the market? What are the process phases that could secure these bold results? Do you need process mining to analyze bottle necks and sort them out? And the same challenge in sourcing: How could you reduce your inventory by 5–10 % without negative impact on your deliveries? You have to let go of old task orientation and instead evaluate whole processes with robot to human interaction and embedded cognitive components.



Talk with us. Automate everything else.

Therefore, we at SKALER automation team are here. We are here to help you deliver impactful results. We have advanced automation program framework, discover & development methodology and KPI models, in addition with a right set of automation and AI tools, RPA dashboards, and a full range of RaaS services to help you on your automation journey.

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