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Do the human stuff. automate everything else.

What is RaaS?

The term RaaS can be divided into two segments.

  • Robotics, which is a branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and implementation of hard- or software-robots.
  • And -as-a-Service, which is often used to describe something delivered on a subscription basis via the cloud, without a physical component. These days, -aaS can also mean an outsourced service, whether the cloud is involved or not.

Together, Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) describes a set of services where the service provider facilitates the operation of software robots

We take care of the automation lifecycle management and the technical infrastructure. You just choose your service level agreement (SLA) and we deliver the results.


As the name suggests, we offer you the whole package, as a service. Our elite automation professionals combined with our cloud platform, create impactful business benefits which allows you to focus on what really matters. With a credible and established service provider, you can take it easy and rely on the agreed SLA’s. Together, we tailor our service so that it fits your needs perfectly.



Talk with us. Automate everything else.

You may want RPA, RaaS, intelligent automation, impactful automation, hyperautomation or just automation. We all know the term doesn’t matter. What matters is the execution and that is where we thrive. With our help you can automate any business process, across any IT system landscape, at any scale.

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